Slocum Heights 241 Apt 7

Just uploading my super late food photos from last semester. Food photos are always exciting to look back, and thank god I ate dinner already or I would be drooling all over my laptop. Looking at this photos makes me want to go back to being a college student. I miss college. I miss Syracuse, and I miss part about only worrying about your grades. Anyways, here are the photos of food I made as a senior from Syracuse University.


Friday night beer and some appetizers that went beyond appetizers. The first plate is mayo cheese corn with homemade french fries. Second one is grilled cheese onion mushroom with balsamic mozzarella tomato, and last is cheese fried kimchi pancake.


My all time favorite spicy rice cake with mozzarella cheese with bestie JungEun after being exhausted from grocery shopping at TOPS.


Invited friends over for a brunch on a Friday afternoon. They asked me if I was bored because they did not expect this when I invited them over. The menu for the day was tomato kimchi fried rice, ricotta strawberry salad with poppy seed dressing, garlic parmesan chicken, spicy fried chicken with fried rice cake, and cold mozzarella penne.

egg curry

Added a sunny side egg on a beef curry.

french toast burger

Made this after watching delicious TV O’live Show. Apparently, it is called Monster Sandwich, and I agree. The bun is french toast, and inside is full of barbecue beef, swiss cheese, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, and mayo. This is what I called food porn, and the right time to use guilty pleasure.

tofu tomato salad

Fried tofu tomato salad with poppy seed and balsamic vinegar dressing. I first added poppy seed dressing, but it felt too heavy so I added balsamic vinegar with honey. Then it felt just good.

tomato mozzarella pesto salad

Saturday night get together with my friends. The menu for the night was caprese salad with pesto, salmon avocado bruschetta with ricotta cheese, and portabella ravioli.


Let me conclude the post with a spicy tuna avocado rice bowl. It was my effort to eat some fish because I could not afford myself to buy a tuna don at Bleu Monkey in Marshal Street.


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