Morgenstern’s Ice Cream shop in Nolita

It was nice out so I decided to take a quick trip to New York City. It is a big thing for me to go out to the city now since my family moved back to Old Tappan, which is farther to New York compared to my previous house in Palisades Park. Also the bus ticket is now $8.50. This means it is a total of $17 for a round trip.

My friend highly recommended me to visit here so I went by myself. I knew it was my chance to go out because it has been snowing a lot, and I never know when the snow storm will hit again. It was still cold, but I was craving an ice cream. I believe a real ice cream lover eats ice cream on a cold weather. Then you can really taste the true flavor of an ice cream because it would not be a food to chill your tongue on a hot weather.

The store is located in Nolita near SOHO. Here is how the inside looks like. The shop’s interior is super cute. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I guess it is time for me to change to iphone from galaxy S4.

morgenstern's ice cream store



morgenstern's ice cream

I ordered angel food vanilla 1 dip. This is a vanilla flavor ice cream that is made of meringues, and I chose this because the employee told me it is the most basic one. I did not realize the shop also has many brunch menu as well. I thought it only sells ice cream so I already ate brunch from Sweet Chick before visiting. I would have ordered much more if I was not full.

The shop’s Instagram was full of avocado ice cream toast so I guess I will try that. Also there was a vanilla ice cream flavor with honey. I do not remember a clear name, but the employee told me that one is a popular flavor too. I must go back here to try more ice cream flavors and desserts!


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