Can PR be Measured in Digital Media?

Can PR be Measured in Digital Media?

A thought I am having a lot these days with public relations is that it is intangible! I always thought it was something that can be measured, which is similar to marketin but I was wrong since it is difficult to measure people’s thought and image of a brand or an organization.

Then I read an online article on Social Media Paradox: Number of Likes & Followers Don’t Mean Much, and How Can I Get More?, whic changed my thought of PR being intangible. To summarize the article, people want their social media metrics high. The previous researches show that social media metrics have little meaning, but people are so eager to get those numbers high.

I agree that numbers mean little, but I do think the numbers are important in some ways. I personally follow or like companies that I am interested in because I want to be updated with their news. It shows that a certain company is important enough that I want to know about it. Therefore, I think the social metrics signify how much people have a good image of company or an organization.

I understand companies are eager to get their numbers high. It is seeing that many poeple like them. In another sense, it tells me more that social media is an important factor that cannot be avoided. It is a strategy and a route to approach people and companies should defnitely focus on social media. It also seems that social media made companies easier to approach consumers than before where people had to only call or email the companies. However, companeis should not forget that social media can be also dangerous. It people do not get answers, they would feel ignored.


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