Domino’s Pizza in UK Faces a Tiny Twitter Crisis This Week

Domino's Pizza in UK Faces a Tiny Twitter Crisis This Week

The Domino’s Pizza in UK went through Twitter crisis this Monday when one man started tweeting about Domino’s Pizza in sexually inappropriate ways. The problem began when Domino’s Pizza started responding to these posts. The tweets between the two went back and forth for few hours and eventually stopped when Domino’s Pizza ended with a good humor.

There are both positives and negative regarding the way Domino’s acted in this situation. It is good that Domino’s responded to all the tweets from the audience regardless of the content, which makes it seem the public is being heard. However, some criticized Domino’s for responding to posts that were unnecessary to answer. Some stated that there are so many strange people in the world and it is okay to ignore crazy posts sometimes like in this situation.

The Domino’s Pizza UK Twitter crisis brings up a question of whether a company is responsible to respond to all the posts posted on its social media, and also whether certain content should be ignored depending on specific circumstances. I say yes to both questions. I believe that all posts posted on a company or an organization’s social media should be answered regardless of who it is. This way, the company can build a good image making the public feel as if they are heard. However, I also agree to the second question that certain posts can be ignored depending on special circumstances. For example, if someone starts posting information that is not related to the company at all, the company has a right to ignore or erase such posts. A company’s social media is made as a purpose to connect with the public. More, if someone tries to post about inappropriate language or content, the company has a right to erase such posts since a social media is shown to all public. The public has a right to be unexposed to such posts since there are also underage children in the internet.

In conclusion, I believe the Domino’s Pizza UK pulled a right trigger in responding to the crazy man, but it was okay if they ignored him. The man is posting inappropriate expressions on a social media and he could have went more out of control. The Domino’s Pizza UK was lucky this time getting away with a good sense of humor, but the consequence could have been bigger. The public also knows that such inappropriate posts are done by crazy people so Domino’s Pizza would not have received any criticism even if it ignored the tweets.


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