More Sochi Problem Coming…Judging Scandal This Time…?

More Sochi Problem Coming…Judging Scandal This Time…?

The Ladies Free Skating at Sochi Olympics finished on February 20, 2014 leaving curiosity to the audience regarding the fairness of the judgement. The first place skater in the Ladies Short Program, Yuna Kim, from the previous day placed second after scores from the Ladies Free Skating was added. Adelina Sotnikova who was second place in the short program ended up winning the won the gold medal for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. The figure skating fans raised question to the judges regarding the score and their background since all the judges were from the Europe area. One of the judges is also involved in a judging scandal back in 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Despite the fact of whether the judgements were fair or not, I was a bit frustrated because results were not clearly explained to the audience. I believe the audience has a right to hear and know about the specific circumstances that made the judges make such decision.

“The supposed empiricism here is undermined by the fact that the scores are anonymous. This anonymity ostensibly takes the pressure off judges to vote in a nationalistic spirit, but it also erases any notion of public accountability, ” the Slate Magazine stated.

The Olympics is made as a purpose to build relationship with different nationalities from a diverse atmosphere, and the public hopes to see a fair game among all players from each sports. It is not surprising that the unexplained outcome of the Ladies Figure Skating is making the audience go wild. If the Sochi Olympics reacted to the controversy of fairness in the ‘right’ way, the audience would not be so angry.

The 2014 Sochi Olympics is going through many controversies this year starting with the dogsled, gay and lesbian rights, poorly construction of the resorts and many more. Many people are using their social media to express their anger about the Sochi Olympics and the controversies seem to not die out. I am seriously starting to wonder whether Sochi Olympics do not care about its public relations at all. Many Olympics in the past faced controversies, but Sochi seems to be the first one who is managing a poor relationship with the media and the people. Sochi should consider about soothing the issues as soon as possible before the Olympics finish in the end of this month.


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