Oscar spoiler Crisis: Good Handle?

Who should be blamed for the spoil of Oscars best actor? Oscars or CNN?

While everyone is curious of the Oscar Academy winner for this year, CNN accidentally exposed Leonardo DiCaprio’s name on the from a video on how the Academy Award trophy gets made. Many people freaked out on their Twitter calling this incident Oscar spoiler crisis. BuzzFeed stated that every nominee from Oscar Academy has a nameplate made with their name listed as winner to clear the hustle.

The issue calmed down, but people seem to be in confusion. So is Leonard DiCaprio going to win the Oscar this year or not? It seems as the explanation was done to just calm the issue down. People believe Leonardo DiCaprio is the winner, but CNN accidentally exposed it through its careless mistake so DiCaprio will win the Oscar for the year. Others believe that DiCaprio will not win the Oscar anymore because it seems spoiler has become a true fact.

The confusion created still did not arouse and we can see that such careless mistake can lead to a crisis. CNN should of been more careful, and so does Oscar Academy. The Oscar spoiler does not make Oscar Academy so special anymore. The people who watch Oscar Academy are always anxious to figure out who wins the event and the excitement does not exist for this year. Leonardo DiCaprio is also in an awkward position to win or to not win the Oscar.

Crisis communication is difficult to handle even though good explanation is made to the crowd. Once there is confusion, it is hard to control the way people think. CNN and Oscar Academy’s small careless mistake has created controversy for this year’s award ceremony. The video on how to make the Oscar trophy should of specifically said that all the nameplates of nominees are made each year. This year’s Oscar will now receive criticism from the audience when the winner is announced.


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