Superbowl 2014 Budweiser Advertisement

Superbowl season always  makes all marketers and communicators excited. It is the time of the year to critique how well companies represented themselves through a thirty seconds short clip. Last year, Budweiser definitely caught in the eyes by relating brotherhood of a clydesdales and his trainer to the people. This year, clydesdales shows up in Budweiser’s 2014 advertisement again. Budweiser advanced from brotherhood to ‘budhood’, which is a similar concept, but different. Budweiser shows a ‘budhood’ of a puppy and a clydesdales to expand its target audience.

Last year’s Budweiser advertisement aimed towards the male audience. It showed brotherly love of a clydesdales and his trainer, and related to male audience making them feel having a Budweiser makes them feel brotherly love. I thought this was a good approach since brotherhood is treated as a necessity emotion among men, and Budweiser makes its image intimate to them. However, I have to say that brotherhood is only meaning to male so I did not feel strong attached to Budweiser compared to men who really enjoyed the commercial. I did enjoy watching the brotherhood of a clydesdales and his trainer, but nothing more than that.

This year’s Budweiser advertisement approached me differently. First, I was aroused by the cute puppy that came out. Most women will be excited to spot the most adorable puppy as soon as the commercial starts. Demonstrating ‘budhood’ of a clydesdales and a puppy is a similar concept to brotherhood except puppy made everything so different. Brotherhood was limited to male audience, but ‘budhood’ approached both male and female audience. In addition, the existence of the puppy from the commercial stole hearts of many female. I feel strongly connected to Budweiser now compared to last year when I thought the commercial was just enjoyable to watch. This year’s Budweiser commercial stays in my mind for a long time.

Budweiser has done a great job last year and this year by connecting to the audience through commercials that touch people’s emotions. The trend of commercials are definitely changing. I remember commercials being very straight forward when I was young. It showed the product and directly stated all the positive things about the brand or demonstrated how good the product is. However, companies try to ‘hide’ the product while pursuing a deeper meaning to people. Budweiser’s commercial definitely had a clear concept of how its product can be a intimate drink to everyone. It did not show anyone drinking the actual Budweiser or stating that Budweiser is great. Budweiser only appear in the last 3 seconds of the commercial. Its logo only shows up in the last while the first, middle and end of the commercial is all about clydesdales and a puppy. I believe hiding the actual product and pursuing a deeper meaning of products’ existence has a greater power. People are exposed to the product already and it is important to show that product relates to the people in society. I personally think Budweiser is doing a great job with their advertisement commercials by connecting to the audience rather than giving pressure to them to buy its product.


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