The Secret Life of Daisy Jung

People want to live their lives as someone else at some point in their lives. I felt this way many times in my life before hoping to escape from an ordinary life, but was devastated by the fact that I cannot do so. It seemed as if my life would never change or get exciting other than studying at Syracuse University up until year 2013. 2013 approached me without any special preview and went away quick leaving me a nostalgia emotion lingering on my mind. In year 2013, my life was dramatic giving me an opportunities to live as few different people – a student, manager, daughter and myself.

Last January, I started year 2013 as a student at Syracuse University on a cold winter season. As a junior, semester gave me so much stress and it seemed endless. Then I did not make an internship program I was eager to get into in April for summer 2013, and I thought things would not work out so well like I have planned. I am a person who plans for everything, even the smallest things in daily lives and when things do not go as what I have planned, I become easily upset. I love planning and the reason why I do so is because planning allows me to imagine myself as someone ‘great’. I really like the feeling of imaging myself as a successful person in the future. I want to be able to stand in front my friends and family proudly representing myself. Therefore, when I did not make the internship, I was highly upset. For me, the internship was such a big deal since that was a company I have dreamed of getting into for a very long period of time.

In May, I returned to New Jersey after finishing up the semester for my junior year. I started working as an employee at a local franchise coffee shop and this was something unexpected. After working there for around two months, I became a supervisor and soon, a manager with increased responsibilities. I started finding the job enjoyable and thought it was not so bad working in the cafe after all. Then my family started experiencing poor financial situation and I had to take a semester off at Syracuse in August. This was something else I never expected happening. With sudden changes that occurred, I was confused, but I went hrough it. While living a life as a manager at a franchise coffee shop called CaffeBene, I tried to fulfill all my responsibilities at workplace, and as a daughter, I tried to support my family to win through hard financial situation together. Then I came back to Syracuse to finish start my senior year this January a bit late compared to others, and again, this is something I did not expect.


I recently watched a movie called, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty directed and cast by Ben Stiller. This movie related to me a lot because Walter, main character of the movie, is always living his life with regrets. In his own fantasy, he represents himself as a heroic, self-assured person unlike in the real world where he is unable to stand up for himself. Walter is very similar to me in many ways because he is afraid of unexpected changes that could occur. He plans a lot through his head, but never puts them into action in the real world and is scared of going out of his boundaries. I feel like I have been living my life as a Walter in a sense that I plan a lot and hopes to get out from an ordinary life, but never put my thoughts to action. Then I questioned myself after watching the movie. Did I really try hard enough to get the internship last summer? I realized that I did not. Then after living a life as a manager at a cafe, I realized this experience will  actually help me approach the internship  I did not make last year because the internship I applied to was a marketing internship for food franchise operations and I earned the opportunity to get my hands on a real franchise operation as a manager at a franchise coffee shop. An unexpected opportunity that approached me was an opportunity that could help me. I highly recommend this movie to people who are bored by their ordinary life and have low self esteem so they could get some energy to work up to their goal.

I always wanted to live an extraordinary life and I have done so in year 2013 through unexpected opportunities have made me do so. I hope to live a life full of more remarkable experiences and now I know that I will be able to because I know how to work hard towards a goal. Planning for future is good, but sometimes, planning will hurt people preventing them to get exposed to new opportunities. If I did not get an opportunity to work as a manager at CaffeBene, I think it would of took me a longer time to realize what trying hard really means. In the beginning of 2013, I was like Walter Mitty who was afraid to go out of his boundaries to achieve a goal, but now I know how to work towards a goal while also living an extraordinary life like Walter at the end of the movie. The Secret Life of Daisy Jung has been played in the year 2013 from January through December from exposition to climax to falling action, and yet is still to be finished.


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